You Won't Believe Who Came "Home"

Catholics Come Home

More great news in our effort to bring souls home! Our Lenten 2011, Catholics Come Home® diocesan partner campaigns concluded airing several weeks ago at Easter Sunday, and the fruit has been tremendous.  Here’s a sample of what we are hearing from our diocesan partner parishes:

  • Janet Benestad, Archdiocese of Boston, "What's in Store" Segment on WBZ (CBS)“A gentleman called me the other day and he said, ‘I’ve been away from the Church a long time; I’m a baptized Catholic.  I practice the Muslim faith, and now I am coming back to the Catholic Church.’”
    –Archdiocese of Boston, MA
    (be sure to watch the video at right)
  • “I have someone take head counts and have an 8 year running history in my current parishes.  I just wanted to let you know that my Triduum celebrations and Easter weekend Masses this year were all up by +20%.  The only other thing I can attribute it to (besides my good preaching), is the Catholics Come Home program.”
    –Diocese of Winona, MN
  • A number of people during this Season of Lent who have seen the commercials have come back to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They have mentioned it and it was a moving moment for them to seek the Catholic Church again.”
    –Diocese of Winona, MN

  • “The St. Agnes Easter Sunday sunrise service attendance had a 20 percent increase in attendance.”
    –Diocese of Venice, FL

Please pray for these new Advent 2011 partners:

Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
Diocese of St. Petersburg

Do you know that popular Catholic Bible teacher and Catholics Come Home® Theological Advisory Board member, Jeff Cavins, was once a fallen away Catholic (and protestant pastor for 12 years!) before he returned to the Church?  Click to watch Cavins’ personal testimony video.  Meet Jeff in person July 22-23 in Atlanta at the National Catholic Bible Conference.  Our own Katie Peterson, CCH Communications Manager, will be presenting, “Crossroads: Gen Y and God’s Word: How to Proclaim the Word of God to a Generation with a Different Dialect.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, which make airing these commercials possible! Please donate today to air ads in your community this December.  Help bring “home” a loved one.

Your Brother in Christ,

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