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Our powerful TV commercials change hearts & reach millions.

Our first Catholic evangelism messages began airing on television in 1998. To date, over 500,000 inactive Catholics and others have returned to their local parish communities. Catholics Come Home harnesses the effectiveness of television and the power of the internet, reaching over 220 million viewers in the United States, and helping over a half million people home, across the world! Come and see for yourself.


“God in my life is the difference between being occasionally happy and finding lasting joy.”


“Ever feel like life’s just too much?”


“Maybe it’s time for a change.”


“If I reconnected with God, how would my life change?”


“I realized I was never really fulfilled.”

Something More

“I sometimes wonder…Is there something more?

Eduardo Verastegui

“It took me many years to discover that success, fame, money, and all the pleasures of the world were not going to fulfill me.”

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