TV ads inspire a Protestant student to become Catholic!

Catholics Come Home

Another inspiring story we received from an individual whose life was changed after seeing a TV commercial!

Meet Harrison:

Harrison was raised Methodist and later joined the Charismatic Protestant movement, but found himself looking for something more. He began studying Catholicism and came across a Catholics Come Home TV commercial in 2009. After watching the commercial “Epic,” Harrison was moved to visit and watch all of the Catholics Come Home commercials.

The commercials communicated a longstanding vitality in the Catholic Church that I had not experienced anywhere else,” Harrison shared with us. “In the ‘Epic’ commercial, I felt like the beauty and riches of the Catholic Church I had so often read about had been condensed into a brief, but powerful video.”

Harrison says that “Epic” brought him to the edge of tears.  “The universality and beauty of the Catholic Church reached out to me. I felt like the Church was extending an invitation for me to come home, not to a home I left, but the home no one had ever told me about.”

On Easter 2010, Harrison entered the Catholic Church and finally found the home he had been looking for. A graduate of Oral Roberts University, Harrison is now studying Catholic theology in graduate school at Ave Maria University in Florida!

I am being well prepared to someday teach others about the beauty and truth I’ve found in the Catholic Church.”

The Catholics Come Home TV commercials and website are helping thousands on their journey home to the Catholic Church.

Will you help someone by sharing one of the CCH TV commercials or website with a friend or two today? It’s as easy as including a link in an email to a relative, friend, coworker, or neighbor away from the faith, and saying something like, “I recently came across this TV commercial/website. Let me know what you think about it…”

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