Do you want God to be your Father or Grandfather?

Dr. Peter Kreeft, CCH theological advisory board member, gives a beautiful reflection on fatherly “love” verses grandfatherly “kindness.” Sometimes we think we want kindness, rather than love, from our Heavenly Father. But God’s occasional “tough love” for us doesn’t go without benefit to our spiritual growth.

“Grandfathers are kind; fathers are loving. Grandfathers say, ‘Run along and have a good time’; fathers say , ‘But don’t do this or that.’ Grandfathers are compassionate, fathers are passionate. God is never once called our grandfather, much as we would prefer that to the inconveniently close, demanding, intimate father who loves us.” -PK

Read the whole article here.

Lord, give us the grace to be open to you loving us and molding us into the people you want us to be–even when it hurts!