We’re Your Partner…Not A Vendor

Catholics Come Home® is not a vendor, nor another “program”. We are a not-for-profit lay apostolate that serves partner dioceses with our successful Catholics Come Home® multimedia evangelization initiatives. We strategically partner with dioceses to invite those away from the faith back “home” to their local parishes. What to expect from us: The team at CatholicsComeHome.org has carefully researched and crafted this proven, effective evangelization program, refining it since its inception in 1997. We are blessed with a strong team of Catholic clergy and lay theologians, as well as Strategic Business Advisors to help us provide a proven model for your diocese. In addition, evangelization directors from other dioceses are willing to share their wisdom and experiences with you to help your implementation flourish. The team at CatholicsComeHome.org provides:

  • Statistical information from past campaigns, as well as diocesan contacts who have recently conducted successful implementations, so you can ask questions of these colleagues
  • Parish Welcoming Best Practices resources and timelines for rolling-out a campaign in your diocese
  • Fundraising models and collaborative CCH fundraising support, to help you reach the desired goal for media
  • Public Relations support to maximize the positive press and free exposure in your media market
  • Web Resources for diocese and parishes: a supply of web images, Vimeo links to embed CatholicsComeHome.org commercials on your website, and WMV files of CCH ads for diocesan intranet use.
  • Unequaled, proven effective, award winning Catholics Come Home television ads in English (cchcom.wpengine.com) and Spanish (www.catolicosregresen.org), and other languages, as well.
  • CCH provides complete strategic media scheduling via our in-house advertising agency, to insure success and efficiencies at no additional cost to your diocese. CCH fundraising envelopes and accounting services, with timely updates on fundraising goals met, and complete reporting of funding invested in media. We provide a tax receipt/thank you letter to each donor and never sell their names or contact information.

Find a parish to call home

Need some guidance finding a parish near you? MassTimes.org has a parish-finding resource for that.