– Life-saving TV ads!

On this 37th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade court decision that legalized abortion, we pray for the healing of the lives of all women who have been affected, and for the intercessory prayers of the millions of children in heaven as a result of this decision.

1) Please view the beautiful VirtueMedia TV spot below in which Norma McCorvey (aka ‘Jane Roe’) tells her own story, including the truth that she never has had an abortion, and encourages all to stand for Life from natural conception to natural death: click here to view the “Norma” TV spot

2) We celebrate that CatholicsComeHome TV ads have also inspired women wounded from abortion to find healing, and return to Christ’s loving and forgiving Catholic Church for support and hope.  Read the amazing testimonial below:

The Diocese of Providence post-abortion ministry, posted this on the Year of Evangelization Facebook Page:

“Thanks to this [the] campaign a woman who had an abortion went to confession and has joined our Healing the Wounded Heart Support Group, received communion for the first time in years and has returned to her home parish after being away for 2 decades. Praise God! Post abortion ministry has brought hundreds of women and men home to the Catholic Church. IN RI there are many brave women who attest to this. Thank you Bishop Tobin for embracing this campaign!”

3) Please visit the following link to the website to learn more about the Catholic Church’s teachings in defense of life.