Featured in Our Sunday Visitor's Catholic Guide to the Internet — Readers' Choice Edition Was Recently Featured in Our Sunday Visitor‘s Catholic Guide to the Internet — As One of the Readers’ Choice in the category of  “Community-Building!”



Compiled by OSV staff

OSV’s Catholic Guide to the Internet — Readers’ choice edition

You picked em! The very best of the Catholic Web in four categories.

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The number of Catholic-oriented websites has exploded, and keeping track of the ones that are truly useful gets harder as they proliferate.

Some sites are obvious keepers, like the sites of the Vatican or bishops’ conferences. And most Catholic Internet surfers are aware of some of the larger sites.

But what about those hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered by a broader audience?

We asked you for your favorites in four main categories: spirituality, news and resources, opinion, and community building.

May your surfing deepen your faith!
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Thanks to all who voted for, we are honored to be included as an ‘OSV readers’ choice’!