A Merry Eucharistic Christmas

As Catholics, we have prepared for weeks during Advent for the coming of Jesus this Christmas. But how can we bring to life the true meaning of Christmas this year?

Here is a clip from a great article that reminds us of the relationship between the Holy Eucharist and Christmas:

“To help the Child Jesus come to life in us, Pope John Paul II called us all to live an intensely Eucharistic Christmas, for the same Jesus who was placed in a manger and adored by the shepherds and wise men is placed in our hands and in our mouths in holy Communion.

“The best way for the Child Jesus to come to life again and be stamped upon our fervent memory at Christmas, he taught, is to remember that God-with-us is still with us. Bethlehem is as close as the altar and tabernacle of the nearest Catholic Church.

“This is indeed “good news of great joy for all people!” Merry Christmas!”

(Fr. Roger J. Landry. “Bringing Christmas to Life Again.” [December 23, 2005].)

Lost & Found Tip: Don’t forget to prepare a present for Jesus this Christmas…He’s the most important one in your family and the reason for the Christmas season!