A Great Saint Who's 'been there'…St. Margaret Clitherow

CCH ‘Water-cooler-worthy update’ to inspire You:

A CCH supporter called today and generously donated towards our national CatholicsComeHome.org TV campaign goal.

She mentioned that locally they have a group that prays for those away from the faith, and that their patron saint is St. Margaret Clitherow, who was married and eventually converted to the Catholic faith.

St. Margaret Clitherow endured much, and was even imprisoned several times for her conversion, for sheltering priests (including her husband’s brother), and for permitting clandestine Masses to be celebrated on her property.  Her faithful example even lead to both of her sons becoming priests and her daughter becoming a nun.
Patron saint of:  businesswomen, converts, martyrs

WOW! What an inspiration for the CatholicsComeHome.org apostolate’s work reaching out to those away from the faith!  You never know the many lives touched through the CCH TV commercials, and then, in-turn, the many lives touched by the example of those converted!

St. Margaret Clitherow, pray for us!

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