A Great Message From A Catholic-in-Action:)

We received the inspiring message below from Sharon in California, who is actively involved as a volunteer in the returning Catholics programs at her parish:

Having been involved with “Remembering Church”, “Catholics Returning Home”, and now “Catholics Come Home” since I returned in 1996, I dearly love all the people in all the classes we’ve had. We hear so many stories….some are similar, and others one of a kind, but all missing the Heart of the church, Our Lord Jesus Christ. So many tell of trying other churches, and always feeling something is missing. The Holy Eucharist, holy water, incense, prayers that never change etc. This is a ministry that calls to you and you never want to leave it. Sometimes when I have a couple of extra Catholic Come Home cards with me, I will leave one in an obvious place and hope the Holy Spirit leads someone to it. Thanks for all the updates.   In Christ, Sharon,  CA

Get involved in your parish, and give away the ‘gifts’ God has given you!
Visit CatholicsComeHome.org each day to grow in your faith…

and always remember to “keep the faith…but NOT to yourself!”🙂