3 CCH Car Magnets on one F150 Pick up Truck!:)…Another Inspiring CatholicsComeHome.org E-mail We Received

We get the most inspiring e-mail testimonials you can image.  We particularly enjoyed this one from a gentleman named Walter, telling us about his CatholicsComeHome.org car magnets on his F150 truck, and how people respond when they see them:

” I’m thrilled every time I see or hear an ad on the radio or television about Catholics Come Home.

I proudly display three Catholics Come Home circular magnetic plackards on my Ford 150 Pu truck and everywhere I go I see people look at them and on occasion I see them take out pen and paper and write down the web site . I donate whenever I can and always feel the great uplifting that comes when someone asks me what’s the purpose of this organization, and I’m very proud to explain to them the true history of my faith, The Faith that our Lord Jesus Christ founded!
As ever, your brother in Christ Jesus.   Walter”

Get your own CatholicsComeHome.org car magnet at the CCH Shop, and be prepared for the adventure God will provide!